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free colouring pages…

free colouring pages…

just for you Collingwood… 

we have created some FREE happy images of Collingwood for you to download and colour.
you will notice there is a rainbow in each image, a symbol of optimism during our COVID-19 lockdown.

if any local business would like us to include their logo, just just contact us and we will create a unique FREE* design just for you.

we ask you to share your coloured pictures with a “tag us” on social media, we will share and create a gallery of your artwork.

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stay home, stay safe

  • However, please note:  While we’ll do a drawing for you for FREE (until we’re overwhelmed), Fair is Fair.  YOU CANNOT USE your design in any FORM of marketing without compensation to Collingwood Web Design first.  Play fair folks – We have to pay rent too…
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